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Community Life

The Mission Statement of the Community Life department defines what we do and directs our efforts, our intentions and attitude and our practices and goals.

Enhancing the CBU experience through purposeful co-curricular programming.

When you catch a ride with CBU Community Life, you can expect quite a journey. Our main ambition is to create programs that hit on all aspects of your college experience.

CBU Slam Dunk Competition 2013

CBU's Midnight Madness basketball slam dunk competition never disappoints. CBU student fans, also known as the CRAZIES, are introduced to the men's and women's teams, and also enjoy entertainment, food, and fun at this annual event to kick off the basketball season. #lanceup

Yule at CBU

Yule at CBU offers a formal dining experience and entertainment. Yule has most recently been held at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and it is a traditional event CBU students look forward to every December!

Lancer Cup 2013

Lancer Cup is the annual intramural soccer championship. CBU's Lancers show up early to reserve their space on the front lawn. Students turn out for free food and much more to cheer on their friends! Take a look at a past event.