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CBU - PKU Joint MBA Program 

In conjunction with EastWest Agency, California Baptist University and Institute of Human Capital, Peking University (education support) are offering a program for business professionals.
Combining the world-renowned Institute of Human Capital, Peking University Faculty (education support) with the innovative approaches by the CBU, this program is offered to individuals who seek the opportunity to learn from the top leaders in the field of business from both an Asian and Western Perspective.
Key Details about the Program are as follows:
Start Date: Pending (registration is starting now)
Courses: Courses will be taught in Hybrid format (online and weekend classes) and intensive format (all day courses for short periods of time in Beijing and California). Courses will be taught one course at a time.
Schedule: TBD
For more details about the program and registration, please contact Ms. Charmaine Chen at charmaine.c@eastwestce.com
For registration of this program, please contact the office below:
Market Economy Academy, Peking University Resources Plaza, Rm 508-510
151 North Zhongguancun Street
Haidian District, Beijing 100080
Tel: 86-10-5887 6291
Cell:86-1370 102 8721
 该项目是由加州浸会大学及北京大学人力资本研究所(教學指导) 共同 选拔的知名教授团队辅以创新的教学方法进行授课,为希望跻身于亚洲和西方领域的精英提供学习机会及拓展国际商机。 
课程设置:周末课程及 美国密集课程(在北京和加州短期全天课程)以网上辅导为相结合的方式授课。
 更多关于项目和报名的信息,请联络MS Charmaine Chen     charmaine.c@eastwece.com   。
电话:86-10-5887 6291
手机:86-1370 102 8721